Other Places

My name is Dr Melody Watson. Sometimes I  go by Melody Nova. I’m a historian, games designer, writer, poet, and activist.


My work is primarily in analogue games design (larp and tabletop) and poetry, but my portfolio extends to long-form writing, activism, photography, and historical research. I write about history, speculative fiction, gender, queerness, and role-playing games. My doctoral thesis focused on the late Cold War, and how it was navigated within media-political discourses.

I’m interested in writing, reading, and talking about: bodies, language, identity, cities, cyberpunk, vulnerability, caring, horror, blood, communality and interdependence, queer relationships (especially among/between women), family, transformations, monsters, hive minds, cyborgs, symbiosis, resistance, revolutions, looking after each other, discourse, and socialism.

You can connect with me in a bunch of places, like Twitter and Instagram. I also have a Patreon where I do fun, smutty self-portraiture and costuming. For that side of things, you can check out @msmelodynova (Instagram) and my Patreon!

Getting in touch

I’m available for commissions and freelance work in any area mentioned above, and open to all kinds of collaborations. If you want to pay me to write some words for your game, anthology, website, whatever, you can get in touch with me at agnwatson[at]gmail[dot]com. I also have experience editing, proof-reading, and providing games design feedback.

The header image is courtesy of: NASA, ESA and Jesœs Ma­z Apellÿniz (Instituto de astrof­sica de Andaluc­a, Spain). Acknowledgement: Davide De Martin (ESA/Hubble)https://www.spacetelescope.org/images/heic0619a/